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Hello everyone,

Another Devmeet has come and gone so it's time for a bit of a review! It seems like as things gradually press on we get one or two new people come to the meets or at the very least long time members who have made swift returns. That being said, our newest person since I've been here was anazei who came for the meet and it was nice to meet him; he was a pretty cool dude. And along with him was myself, our other leading members Pasiphilo and justMANGO, as well as WildPencil (our unofficial photographer) and astralojia. Another member (ronbennett) was saying he'd come but he either didn't come or came to late; sorry that we missed you.

So the weather was nice and our trek from Younge station to the Brickworks was very good as it usually is. When we got there it was around lunch time; some of us packed our own and everyone else checked out the Brickworks farmer's market for theirs. I'm told they have awesome food, especially their french fries. Also, anazei brought some mini elk sausages for the occasion and they were delicious. And while we were eating, smallproblem showed up to join the meet with us. I'm not sure if she ate lunch as well, I had gone for a pitstop at the time she arrived.

Now normally we would head to the art gallery they have going on where the brick kilns are; but it's generally pretty boring and so we skipped it. On to the hike! We did our usual first stop which is the mini hill; and being the adventurers we are we walked half the default route and half our own! And at the top we had our group photo as seen below.

We look like we're having a good time right? Except it seems like something is missing from this photo. You know what it is? It's you! I know that a lot of you are active in this group even if you don't comment much and we would love to have you come sometime. :)

Now back to the meet at hand! So after our group photo we took our usual trip to the cliffs side of the Brickworks. It's not that you're not allowed to go on the dirt paths, it's just not part of the main path; and a few people do like to hike it like we do. So we took the paths which suited the level of difficulty we wanted to take on (no shame in taking an easier path) and off we went! We all made it back safely to the ground level so don't worry and then we took a bit of a break and some of us played Frisbee for a bit. Then to wrap things up we headed back to the main area but not before checking out the ponds where we found a ton of little turtles and even a few big bright orange fish!

At this point it was bit too early for dinner but there really wasn't much else to do at the Brickworks. Unfortunately astralojia had to leave early as he was feeling a bit under the weather. I'm pretty sure it was either too much sun or the heat; he was wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants on a hot spring day after all; it happens. So after we took the shuttle back we said our goodbyes and then began to head down the Danforth in search of where to go for dinner. We found a place called the "Pantheon" but it was still too early so we hung out at a nearby Tim Hortons to have some ice caps and talk. And that's when "DeviantArt" began turning into "DeviantDebaters" lol. There was a bit of back and forth earlier on in the meet, but it started getting more "passionate" as we were there. Don't worry, we weren't arguing or anything; everyone was still in good spirits.

And then finally dinner time was here! Debates still in full swing; probably it all peaked during dinner. I'm not sure how we even got to what topic we were at, topics just got increasingly more intense I guess? None the less, dinner was delicious and anazei treated everyone to some "Saganaki" which is pan fried and then flambeed cheese; crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. I couldn't have any cause I'm lactose intolerant but it looked pretty awesome. Dinner was short and near the end justMANGO's boyfriend Ian showed up so that was nice for a bit. Too bad he couldn't get too many words in what with all the passionate talking but what he could say was pretty good from what I remembered.

Then I had to leave, everyone walked me to Chester station and that's where the meet ended for me. Not really sure what people did after that; maybe they kept on for a bit or maybe they gradually split off as we normally do after dinners. So overall it was definitely an interesting meet it's safe to say. We'll post the next meet as soon as we figure out what to do and as far as I know, no Anime North meet. Well I'm not doing it, not sure if someone else will decide to take it on or not. But yeah, it was fun; thanks to those who came and hope to see more of you next time! :thumbsup:


Spring is finally here! Celebrate by Joining us for a photo/sketch walk along the Don Valley trail system to the Evergreen Brickworks, an ecclectic heritage site currently hosting the Bert Weir: A Lifetime of Art in the Canadian Bush art exhibition. Bring your sketchbooks, cameras, or just a passion to explore and meet new friends!

:emailsend: RSVP HERE!

:star: We'll need a minimum of 6 RSVPs by Thursday, May 14, to go ahead with the DevMEET, so please be sure to :emailsend: RSVP!


:bulletblack: 11:00 am Meet at Yonge TTC Subway Station (beneath the TTC sign at the NE corner of Yonge & Bloor, next to RBC)
:bulletblack: 11:20 am Photo/sketch walk to Evergreen Brickworks (approx. 40 minutes)
:bulletblack: 12:00 pm Lunch at Evergreen Brickworks (bring one or buy it there)
:bulletblack: 1:00 pm Brickworks exploration and Bert Weir art exhibit
:bulletblack: 4:30 pm Shuttle Bus and walk along Bloor Street Viaduct back to Yonge & Bloor
:bulletblack: Dinner (time and location TBD)


:bulletblack: Shoes for walking/hiking, sunscreen, water, snacks, and lunch (if you don't want to buy it).
:bulletblack: Optionally: your sketchbook, camera, and/or a portfolio of your work to show.


:bulletblack: Evergreen Brickworks
Hey Toronto!

Another fun DevMEET has gone by and I have been asked to do the recap. Keep in mind I can't speak for everyone in the group, but I will do my best to sum up the whole event.

It was a cold ultra windy day from dawn to dusk and we were off to the Love Art fair! Everyone who RSVP'd came which is always good; we had some new faces and some old faces. So it was me (Midnitez-REMIX), sodalicious, Pasiphilo, WildPencil, craftzilla, smallproblem, ronbennett and his son Mark. I was a bit under the weather that day (though I tried not showing it) and it didn't help that I didn't dress for the weather; I had heard it was going to be hot, but I digress. Anyway, so we all met up ultimately in the lobby of the art fair sometime around lunchtime.

It wasn't what I was expecting it to be at all; as the title "Love Art Fair" I was assuming the theme would be love or something but it turned out to be a mish mash of all different mediums, styles and content. I wonder if maybe the theme was "love of art" or something like that. But anyway, we got our tickets and headed in; and I'm not sure if anyone else noticed this, but I felt we were getting weird looks from the other people in the crowd. It wasn't like a suit and tie affair but everyone was dressed really nice and looking to by art which was like thousands of dollars. I looked at them thinking "I feel under dressed" and when they looked at us I kinda got the sense of "who let those poor people in?". But who knows, maybe I'm just over thinking things. lol

So we all kind of walked at various speeds through the whole art fair; gradually losing each other here and there. Some of talked to the artists, others just browsed and occasionally were confused at how silly the prices were for most of the stuff. Myself, Mandi (Sodalicious) and Misha (Smallproblem) were the first in and out; I think everyone else were taking in the art a bit more in depth. So we hung out and talked and played a bit of 3DS while waiting; it was a pretty laid back experience. And then everyone else gradually got back to make the group whole again and we were off to dinner! But before we left I'm told that Joe (pasiphilo) met a Deviantartist who was presenting at the show; so a brief shout out to HeatherHorton; hope you can make it out sometime! :D

Finding dinner was a bit difficult lol. Normally we have our other admin justMANGO to help us navigate places, but she couldn't come this time, so we had to collectivly figure out where we were going. Turns out we can't function to well without her. XD

But we did finally find the "Old Spaghetti Factory" and luckily RobBennett and Mark decided to stay for dinner. We talked all sorts of stuff from Game of Thrones to Doctor Who, Supernatural; all sorts of stuff. From what I gathered, dinner was good for everyone and as was desert. Then we all headed out; gradually splitting off in other directions as we do. Eventually it was just me, Mandi, Joe and Crfatzilla navigating the path to Dundas Station; it was very nice how peaceful the path is on a Sunday night. Plus it was kinda like an adventure; we traveled the halls, sometimes had to backtrack and ultimately got to our goal! Then Joe split off and the rest of us headed to the Atrium and then bus terminal to wait for our respective buses. It was a good way to wind down the evening I think.

That was a fun meet and May will be even better I'm sure! To those who missed out we hope to see you next time and to those who came we hope to see you again! Not sure when the next meet will be posted, but as always you will be the first to know. :D


Hey all,

Join us for a day filled with an art fair, the 2nd annual Love Art Fair. We will do dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.

WHEN: 19 April, 2015 @ 1.45pm
WHERE: Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place

:emailsend: RSVP HERE

Tickets are 10$ online in advance or 12$ at the door [10$ at the door if you're a student; please bring your student ID!] and free for anyone 16 and under. It takes place in Heritage Court, Direct Energy Centre, at Exhibition Place. [You can get there many different ways; easiest way would be to take the street car south from Bathurst station, or bus south from Dufferin station.. If you need help, feel free to note us.]

We will meet at the Princes' Gate!


:bulletpink: 1:45 - Meet up @ Princes' Gate
:bulletpink: 2:00/2:15 - Walk to the Direct Energy Centre, people who need tickets can purchase them
:bulletpink: 4:00/5:00 - Depart and head out for dinner, we will walk or TTC it, depending on weather
:bulletpink: 5:30/6:00 - Dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory!

This is an ALL AGES devMEET so if you have children, feel free to bring them. Students are more than welcome, and feel free to bring your parents/guardians if you'd like. :)

:emailsend: RSVP HERE!
Thanks to everyone who made our wonderful movie+dinner meet up possible yesterday! We met up at the cinema with amrhamza, hellhoundp2k, sodalicious and two friends, and we were really glad that astralojia could join us from all the way across the border and despite the (empty) threat of snow. Even though we had mixed opinions about whether Disney's new Cinderella was a good movie, we could agree that there'll likely be more movie meetups going into the future. We also meet up with WildPencil and artofMilica after the movie and took a stroll through the famous Silver Snail to satiate our nerdy/geeky window-shopping needs. Following that we headed to our own favorite Pickle Barrel for an early dinner, where Midnitez-REMIX and hazle2020 joined us for delicious burgers and beers. All in all, the meet up was hugely fun. Till next month, deviants! :wave:

PSA #2: We will be meeting on the ground floor of 10 Dundas East Ave, right inside the doors that open onto Dundas Ave. I will be holding a sign with a dA logo on it (it'll be the old logo, sorry). Please see the following image. Feel free to note me (justMANGO) if you have any questions, or for my cell phone number if you wish.

PSA: There has been a slight change of plan. To make the event cheaper for our attendees, we decided to forego the IMAX showing at 2:50 in favour of the UltraAVX showing at 2pm, which means we're meeting an hour earlier. Please let us know if this will affect your schedule.

When: Saturday, March 14, 2015 @ 2:30pm We're now meeting at 1:30pm!
Where: Cineplex Yonge/Dundas + Pickle Barrel

:emailsend: RSVP here

Join us for a trip into the world of classic Disney stories (probably with a new spin). We will be attending the 2:50 showing of Cinderella in IMAX we're attending the 2pm showing in UltraAVX instead, but please show up at least 30 mins early to meet with the group and purchase tickets. For those who are fans of Frozen, there will be an short sequel animation (titled Frozen Fever) that will be shown exclusive with Cinderella. You may find here the trailers to Frozen Fever and Cinderella.

:bulletblue: 2:30-2:45 1:30-1:45 - Meet up and ticket purchase. (Feel free to purchase your ticket ahead of time. It will skip you the lines.)
:bulletblue: 2:50 2:00 - Movie!
:bulletblue: 2:00-6:00 4:00-6:00 - We can visit the Silver Snail or another shop of the group's choosing.
:bulletblue: 6:00 - Dinner at the Pickle Barrel.

So come on out! Feeling shy? Bring a friend! Bring a parent! All ages are welcome.

:emailsend: RSVP here
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