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:skull: MEET CANCELLED: This meet has been cancelled due to insufficient RSVP. See you in February!

WHAT: Sunday Morning Bowling
WHEN: Sunday, January 31, from 10:30am to 1:00pm
WHERE: Bowlerama Newtonbrook (on Yonge north of Finch) View on Google Maps

Join your fellow Toronto area deviants for a Sunday morning of bowling followed by lunch in the vicinity of Yonge and Finch. Games are $2/person and shoe rentals are $4. More info at Bowlerama's website. Come get your game on!

:emailsend: RSVP Here! This meet has a minimum RSVP requirement of 6 which we must have by Thursday, January 28 @ 5:00 pm EST or the meet will be cancelled. So don't be shy and bring your friends!

Directions by TTC: Take the Yonge subway line north to Finch station, then walk north from Finch on Yonge to Bowlerama, which will be in a plaza on the east side of Yonge (on your right).
Hello everyone,

Tet another great DeviantArt Meet; Midnitez here with another DevMEET review! I was there first since my bus into Toronto gets in pretty early and luckily everyone else expected to come all came on time. It was a cold and windy wintry evening and the meet started on time; just as the Zamboni finished cleaning the ice. Following me came justMANGO then her boyfriend Ian, Pasiphilo and random-artist101; apparently smallproblem and her brother were already there before, but I didn't see them. The rink was packed with families and lots of children and both were small people so they kinda blended in with the crowd.

In any case, we eventually found them as we made our rounds round the rink. And yeah, after a couple circles your feet start killing you; skating is a weird pastime we all seem to enjoy lol. And if you were expecting us to all be awesome skaters you'd be wrong like artists we all come in a range of skill levels. All that was important is that everyone got help if they wanted it and that everyone enjoyed themselves; check and check. As the night went on it began to warm up and we got off the ice a bit early to take several photos; hopefully those will show up sometime soon. It was dark, but I think we got some good ones in front of the multicolored lit "TORONTO" sign at City Hall. Then we all walked up to dinner at the Pickle Barrel at the Atrium.

For the first time we were actually upstairs in the restaurant which was neat. I didn't know there was more than just the bar upstairs; it was actually quite nice. The food and drinks took a while to get to us but our server was really nice and patient; especially since we were all pretty noisy and disorganized. And some time into early dinner May-Guess managed to join us which was nice. The food was good and conversation ranged from politics to current events and of course lots of funny stories and silly stuff. Somewhere near the end close to desert time a new member ProjectHYPOCRISY made it to the meet and we all had dessert together! Some people had lava cake sundaes and others had tiramisu sundaes; it was quite extravagant.

Around a little past 8PM we all paid our bills and dispersed in a surprisingly quick fashion. As soon as we got into the crowds of people we all kinda fell apart; like leprechauns fading into the mist. I don't think it was intentional, more just people getting lost in the crowds. We said goodbye to those who disappeared a bit slower and I was left with Ian and justMANGO to check out the Indigo at the Eaton Centre. Overall it was a really nice meet for the holidays, no, an exceptional meet! If you missed out we hope to see you whenever our meet is in the new year; so happy holidays! :D

:star: LAST REMINDER: Our devmeet is Saturday! If you're planning to come, don't forget to RSVP. Be sure to dress for the weather. See you then!

What: Skating at Nathan Phillips Square
Where: Nathan Phillips Square / Pickle Barrel Restaurant
When: Saturday, December 19th @ 4:00 pm

:emailsend: RSVP here!

It's that time of the year again! It's time again for our greateest winter DevMeet attraction; skating in the neon-lit night at Nathan Phillips Square ice rink! Even if you can't skate it's alright, we're here to help you out and skate with you if you need it and we can take it at your own pace. And if you can skate then you're right at home. Then join us afterwards for dinner at the Pickle Barrel Restaurant to warm up and chill out. Be sure not to miss this, our last DeviantMEET of 2015!

:bulletblack: 4:00 pm - Skating at Nathan Phillips Square (we'll meet at the Skate Rental)
:bulletblack: 6:00 pm - Dinner at the Pickle Barrel Restaurant

Feel free to request a mobile number from one of our admins in case you arrive late or have trouble finding us.  See you then!
:bulletred: Cancelled: This DeviantMEET has been cancelled due to insufficient RSVP. We hope to see you in December!

When: Saturday, November 14, 2015 @ 11:00 am
Where: Black Creek Pioneer Village (view map)
1000 Murray Ross Parkway, M3J 2P3 (near the intersection of Steeles Avenue and Jane Street)

Step back in time to the 1800s with your fellow Toronto deviants to explore historic Black Creek Pioneer Village! Experience the lifestyles and customs of our city's early residents in this restored village situated on 30 acres of pristine countryside. We'll meet outside the main entrance of the Visitors' Centre at 11:00 am.

:emailsend: RSVP here! (We'll need a minimum of 6 RSVPs by Thursday, November 15, to go ahead with the meet.)

:bulletblack: Admission is $15 for adults, $12 for students, and $11 for children ages 5-14.

:bulletblack: By TTC: From the Finch subway station using the Steeles 60 West route, or from the Jane Station using the Jane 35 route.

:bulletblack: By YRT: From the York University Terminal take the Route 10 (Woodbridge) bus or the Route 20 (Jane-Concord) bus to Jane Street & Steeles Avenue. From the Vaughan Mills terminal take the Route 20 (Jane-Concord) bus to Jane Street & Steeles Avenue. Walk east from Jane Street & Steeles Avenue. Turn right at Murray Ross Parkway and look for Black Creek Pioneer Village entrance sign on the right.
Hello everyone,

Time for another DeviantArt Meet review! Turnout was surprisingly low this month, but then again, Sundays don't work for everyone. Well none the less we had a great time (as far as I know); I had to leave before dinner so I don't know what happened at that point. So I'll just go over what I was there for! :D

I think it was around maybe 1-2PM when we decided to take the ferry; together it was myself, Whimzy (WhimsicalSquidCo), Oz (WildPencil) and our other admin, The Wise Mango (justMANGO). We left so late because we were waiting for sodalicious and May-Guess but neither showed so we just headed off. Man it was a busy day, or maybe it's always busy at the ferry terminal on summer afternoons? And we should've brought an umbrella (inside joke). But we managed to get our tickets and the Icebreaker ferry to Hanlan's Point just happened to be there so we took that one! The Icebreaker is great if you want a full view of the lake and it was a great day for a great view.

When we arrived we happened upon an apple tree; the ripe ones were too high up though; maybe next time. Then we headed down the island's main road towards our main objective, Centre Island! We saw lot's of sparrows on our way, talked about a variety of things and also saved a fuzzy caterpillar from the perils of cyclists! Now this wasn't originally part of the meet, but we decided since we happened to be in the area that why not check out the clothing optional beach? We're all adults here, it's just like any other beach right? And yeah when we got there there was a lot of naked people, but an almost equal amount of clothed people. So we darted across the lava-temperature sand and into the (mostly rocky) lake. And hey, we're at the beach so why not go in the water right? So we got into our swimsuits and gradually got into the water; which was like paralyzingly cold by the way. But after a couple times in and out it wasn't so bad. And though Whimsy was reluctant to dunk herself fully in the water, me and Oz did and wow, kinda stupid looking back. Don't swallow the water. And after a bit of fun and a couple of noob-ish group photos by our dry admin The Wise Mango, we (mostly I) ran through the feet-burning sand and back to the main road. It's just a shame that anazei couldn't come, he raves about how awesome the beach is and apparently he was on the island somewhere that day but we didn't see him. We looked though.

Back on are trek to Centre Island we took a break to wait for Whimzy's bf who was apparently trying to catch up with us. While we waited we had cookies; totally forgot to mention that earlier! Whimzy baked like two dozen Smartie cookies; they were delicious! Anyway where was I... right, meeting the bf. So he showed up not after too long, seemed like a pretty cool and laid back dude and then we continued walking. The Wise Mango hadn't eaten anything since breakfast so our first stop was a the Pizza Pizza by the pier. All that complaining about being hungry and she only buys one slice of pizza lol.  We found a place in the shade took a break, ate a bit and then off to the main event; the Hedge Maze! Wow, they did an excellent job on that maze, the hedges are like 6ft high and when we split into two groups, only one group of us actually made it to the center. It was pretty maze-like; as it should be, and hopefully next time we go back we can figure it out.

The Wise Mango had to go home early at this point so I walked her back while the others took the opportunity to check out the petting zoo. Whimzy was very knowledgeable about the animals there, so we got to enjoy ourselves and learn a thing or two. But time was winding down towards dinner time so we got back to the ferry (missed the first one), and got the big majestic steam ferry(?) back. Half way to port it dawned on me that my bus home was in 45 minutes so as soon as we docked I hauled it back to the bus terminal.

Assuming all went well the plan was for Oz, Whimzy, her bf and sodalicious to meet up an eat at the "Fox and Fiddle". I haven't heard from anyone about Sunday, but I'm sure it went alright. All in all, pretty good meet, and we hope to see you all at another one soon!

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Thursday, January 28th @ 2:00pm

We hope you had fun at our last DeviantMEET. Watch this space for new upcoming opportunities to meet your fellow Toronto area Deviants.

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The RSVP tool lets us know how many people to expect for our DevMEETs. However, we understand that occasionally the unexpected can force you to change your plans. If you have RSVP'd for a DevMEET but cannot attend, please inform us as soon as possible by posting a comment on the event's RSVP page or sending a note to the group. Please be courteous to your organizers and fellow Deviants: if you can't show, let us know.

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4 deviants said Die Hard
4 deviants said Comment with a different choice
3 deviants said Frozen
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1 deviant said A Christmas Story ("You'll shoot your eye out, kid!")
1 deviant said Rise of the Guardians
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