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WHEN: August 16, 2014 @ 11am - We will take the 11:30am ferry to the island, but please show up at 11 because it will take 15 mins or so to line up for the ticket.

WHERE: Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, formerly the Toronto Island Ferry Terminal - Google Maps location here - We will be meeting at roughly this location.

:emailsend: RSVP here! :emailsend:

There are only 20 weeks left till winter, so don't let that short Canadian summer slip away and join us on our annual Center Island trip. We will gawk at cutesy animals at Far Enough Farm, climb the Glibraltar Point Lighthouse, maybe have a ride at Centreville Amusement Park, wet our feet and sunbathe on the beach, run around hedge maze and have a great game of not-so-ultimate frisbee. Feel free to bring your cameras, sketchbooks, and whatever art and sporting equipment.

Lunch: Bring one or buy one on the Island (or on the main land before we leave).
Dinner: To be decided by popular vote. We will return to downtown Toronto for dinner.

FERRY PRICES (round-trip): (Official link here)
:bulletblue: Adults (19+) - $7
:bulletblue: Students (15-18 inclusive, with a student card) - $4.50
:bulletblue: Senior (65+) - $4.50
:bulletblue: Junior (under 14) - $3.50
:bulletblue: Infants (under 2) - free

We hope to see you there! :wave:
Hey everyone,

I know I'm a bit late writing this, but I got so lost in my work I totally forgot. Thanks to Sin-Q-Bus for reminding me! XD

So it was a pretty good meet overall; all the people who said they would come came. The day was nice and though there was the occasional spitting of rain, it didn't actually start coming down till around dinner time. So the day started off in the morning with us all gradually meeting in front of Yonge Station outside and then myself, :iconcraftzilla:, :iconsin-q-bus:, :iconleopacus:, a new DevMeet goer :iconwildpencil: and my fellow admin :iconjustmango: headed off to our adventure!

At the time the only way I knew to get to our destination was straight down Bloor which had we taken it would have probably been boring. But luckily Captain Mango and her trusty Google Maps led us through an interesting neighborhood and winding trail to take us straight there! We arrived as the BrickWorks Farmers Market was going full steam and passed through stalls of unique goods and tasty looking foods. But we were dead set on climbing the outdoors and so we went on our first short hike to get some group photos! I and WildPencil were feeling adventurous that day and so as the others too the path around to the small hill's peak we hiked a steep dirt path to the top. I'm not gonna lie, I liked the challenge but was worried the whole time I was gonna fall.

And then when we all arrived at the top we took some group photos; here is one of them:

And then we hiked some more! It was a bit more treacherous than I remember and half way through we decided it was a good time to head back for lunch. Me and WildPencil; the crazy adventurers as we were took the dangerous path back and met everyone else at the same time at the pond. There at that point we got to see some fish, pretty pond lilies and a huge moss covered turtle; not sure if anyone got a good photo of it or not. Anyway, we headed off to the main area where there was some oven roasted pizza which Mango had and we all talked about things related to DeviantArt. Then as it began to rain we headed over to the (creepy factory) museum and looked at some stuff there for a bit.

And sure enough, though this day seemed to have been long, we were actually a couple hours early in our schedule. So with nothing else to do we took a rest and waited for the Shuttle bus to take us back to Broadview Station. There we took the subway, said bye to mango who had a date to go to and then the rest of us went to an early dinner / late lunch at the Pickle Barrel. We all had awesome food, various topics of in-depth conversation and then after being totally stuffed we ended our day and went our separate ways. And though plans weren't perfect I'd say over all it was a success!

If you couldn't make it this time we hope you will be able to make it to our August meet which is our biggest meet of the summer; going to the island! We'll let you know as soon as we know when the date is scheduled for! :D

EDIT: Hey everyone, just a little update here. If you are looking around for people at the meet point, I am wearing black shorts, black shoes most likely a dark t-shirt and carrying a bright red laptop bag. Also I have a beard and shaggy brown hair. Hopefully there won't be a lot of people who look like me that day. XD

If you haven't already, please RSVP!  :emailsend:

This Saturday July 19th come and join us for a trip to the Evergreen Brickworks! It's a beautiful outdoor area to explore combined with a small market and an old museum. But really it's mostly for exploring the outdoors! And don't worry, if you're not especially fit or anything it shouldn't be much of a challenge at all. As usual this meet is for everyone, come by yourself or bring a friend or family member if that makes you more comfortable. Come on down to the 2nd most fun summer Demeet and have some fun in the sun followed by some lunch / early dinner! :D

:emailsend: RSVP HERE!!!


:bulletblack: 11:00 am Meet at Yonge TTC Subway Station (beneath the TTC sign at the NE corner of Yonge & Bloor, next to RBC).
:bulletblack: 11:20 am Walk to Evergreen Brickworks (approx. 40 minutes).
:bulletblack: 12:00 pm Lunch at Evergreen Brickworks (bring one or buy it there).
:bulletblack: 1:00 pm Explore the museum and the outside of the Brickworks property.
:bulletblack: 4:00 pm Nature Walk to Castlefrank TTC Subway Station (approx. 20 minutes). Or take the free shuttle bus if people are tired.
:bulletblack: Dinner (time and location TBD).


:bulletblack: Shoes for walking/hiking, sunscreen, water, snacks, and lunch (unless you decide to buy it).
:bulletblack: Optionally: Sketchbook and/or camera.


:bulletblack: Evergreen Brickworks
:bulletblack: Move Transportaion Expo*
:bulletblack: Don Valley Hiking Trails

:note: As a courtesy to the organizers, if you RSVP and then determine that you cannot make it, please let us know by commenting here or sending us a note.
:bulletred: This DeviantMEET has been cancelled due to insufficient RSVP. (We received one cancellation, so we have only 4 RSVP's.) We hope to see you in July.

What: Steam on Queen Steampunk festival
When: Saturday, June 21 @ 1:00 pm
Where: Campbell House Museum (160 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario)

Come one, come all! Join your fellow Toronto Deviants at the Steam on Queen Steampunk street festival being held at the historic Campbell House Museum in downtown Toronto! There's lots to behold, including Victorian-esque performers, Steampunk cosplayers, artisans and merchants, and tours of Campbell House, the oldest remaining house from the original town of York — so definitely bring your cameras. Admission is free!

We'll meet at the front doors of Campbell House and wander where our whims take us. Look for your host who will be hurling a flourescent green frisbee at random passersby when he isn't waving a DeviantART sign around.

Dinner plans are still being sorted out, for those interested, and sushi looks like a strong possibility.
Hey everyone,

So pretty quick entry here, considering all our meet was is a photo. So I arrived at the photo spot at about 5-10 minutes to 2PM and held up the "Deviantart - Group Photo - 2:00PM" sign which I made. I also made sure to walk through the parking lot with the sign as well in case there were random Deviants in the crowd. A couple people here and there seemed to know what DeviantArt was as the passed by and mumble to their friends but I think they were just too caught up in the moment of the crowds to speak up.

So I got there with my friend craftzilla; she was dressed plain and I was in my not so flattering Wii Fit Trainer costume. And as we waited counting down the minutes 2 girls from DeviantArt showed up and they checked their watches; figuring it was early they left although unfortunately never got back. Maybe it was intimidating waiting around with two total strangers or maybe they just caught up in stuff. Then Pasiphilo came by and then Slayer-1412 and then another member, Red62, dressed in Halo(?) gear and finally Sin-Q-Bus and her boyfriend LeoPacus.

At 2:16 right as we were about to take the photo, on the main street a car's front tire exploded as it drove by and swerved into a u-turn and came to a stop. No con go'ers were hurt or the driver but as expected, pretty much everyone ran over to check it out. odds are someone's costume piece or merchandise fell as someone was jaywalking and that may have caused it. So I waited for a bit for everyone to get back for a couple minutes (Halo dude didn't make it back) and me, Pasiphilo, Slayer and SinQbus lined up for the photo taken by Leo and Craftzilla (which I will post today). So even though it was a small photo group it still goes to show we at least had 9 people check out the meet which as a pilot project meet up is a pretty good start! :D

Thanks everyone for coming, and those who didn't, maybe see you next meet!

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RSVP Policy - "If you can't show, let us know"

The RSVP tool lets us know how many people to expect for our DevMEETs. However, we understand that occasionally the unexpected can force you to change your plans. If you have RSVP'd for a DevMEET but cannot attend, please inform us as soon as possible by posting a comment on the event's RSVP page or sending a note to the group.

Most of our DevMEETs require a minimum number of attendees to make them feasible, so if less than the expected number of people show up, it can be a complete waste of time for the organizers, most of whom spend a considerable amount of time commuting from outside Toronto to host the meets.

Also, being the friendly bunch that we are, we often wait for latecomers, even if that means starting the meet a little later than scheduled. Waiting for someone we don't know isn't coming, however, just causes pointless delays for everyone.

So please, be courteous to your fellow Deviants: if you can't show, let us know.

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Come hang out in our chatroom!

Click HERE to join! :)

Which day do you tend to be most free during the week in the summer? 

12 deviants said Only on weekends
7 deviants said All of the above!
4 deviants said Sunday
3 deviants said Friday
2 deviants said Monday
2 deviants said Wednesday
2 deviants said Saturday
2 deviants said Only on weekdays
1 deviant said Tuesday
1 deviant said Thursday



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Dezinated Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Will there be an Anime North meet this year?
Midnitez-REMIX Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Not sure yet. We tried it one time but the turnout wasn't too great but we'll still see. :)
Pasiphilo Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Professional General Artist
Considering that only 2 out of 10 RSVP's showed up at last year's, probably not. 
Dezinated Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Maybe we could get some more people this year
Pasiphilo Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Professional General Artist
I'm sure lots of people would say they were interested - just like they did last year - but there is just so much going on at a convention like Anime North that people either forget about the meetup, get delayed on their way from a panel, or find something else they'd rather do instead. 
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Faeleena Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am ridiculously excited to announce that I won't be working weekends soon and I have a friend who said they're excited to come to a deviant-art meet. SO, MARCH! I am excited to meet up and maybe sit around sipping some coffee while I doodle.
Midnitez-REMIX Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
That sounds awesome, it's always good to know we'll have more people coming more often. :D
thatonesmurfX103-9 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
Hello, fellow Torontonians, I am from Toronto, I've grown up with the city and in the city as a young kid and are there any rules and how to join this group?

Thanks :)
Midnitez-REMIX Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
No rules, just join.
Sin-Q-Bus Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Isn't only posting photos from a devMEET a rule?
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