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Hello everyone,

Time for another DeviantArt Meet review! Turnout was surprisingly low this month, but then again, Sundays don't work for everyone. Well none the less we had a great time (as far as I know); I had to leave before dinner so I don't know what happened at that point. So I'll just go over what I was there for! :D

I think it was around maybe 1-2PM when we decided to take the ferry; together it was myself, Whimzy (WhimsicalSquidCo), Oz (WildPencil) and our other admin, The Wise Mango (justMANGO). We left so late because we were waiting for sodalicious and May-Guess but neither showed so we just headed off. Man it was a busy day, or maybe it's always busy at the ferry terminal on summer afternoons? And we should've brought an umbrella (inside joke). But we managed to get our tickets and the Icebreaker ferry to Hanlan's Point just happened to be there so we took that one! The Icebreaker is great if you want a full view of the lake and it was a great day for a great view.

When we arrived we happened upon an apple tree; the ripe ones were too high up though; maybe next time. Then we headed down the island's main road towards our main objective, Centre Island! We saw lot's of sparrows on our way, talked about a variety of things and also saved a fuzzy caterpillar from the perils of cyclists! Now this wasn't originally part of the meet, but we decided since we happened to be in the area that why not check out the clothing optional beach? We're all adults here, it's just like any other beach right? And yeah when we got there there was a lot of naked people, but an almost equal amount of clothed people. So we darted across the lava-temperature sand and into the (mostly rocky) lake. And hey, we're at the beach so why not go in the water right? So we got into our swimsuits and gradually got into the water; which was like paralyzingly cold by the way. But after a couple times in and out it wasn't so bad. And though Whimsy was reluctant to dunk herself fully in the water, me and Oz did and wow, kinda stupid looking back. Don't swallow the water. And after a bit of fun and a couple of noob-ish group photos by our dry admin The Wise Mango, we (mostly I) ran through the feet-burning sand and back to the main road. It's just a shame that anazei couldn't come, he raves about how awesome the beach is and apparently he was on the island somewhere that day but we didn't see him. We looked though.

Back on are trek to Centre Island we took a break to wait for Whimzy's bf who was apparently trying to catch up with us. While we waited we had cookies; totally forgot to mention that earlier! Whimzy baked like two dozen Smartie cookies; they were delicious! Anyway where was I... right, meeting the bf. So he showed up not after too long, seemed like a pretty cool and laid back dude and then we continued walking. The Wise Mango hadn't eaten anything since breakfast so our first stop was a the Pizza Pizza by the pier. All that complaining about being hungry and she only buys one slice of pizza lol.  We found a place in the shade took a break, ate a bit and then off to the main event; the Hedge Maze! Wow, they did an excellent job on that maze, the hedges are like 6ft high and when we split into two groups, only one group of us actually made it to the center. It was pretty maze-like; as it should be, and hopefully next time we go back we can figure it out.

The Wise Mango had to go home early at this point so I walked her back while the others took the opportunity to check out the petting zoo. Whimzy was very knowledgeable about the animals there, so we got to enjoy ourselves and learn a thing or two. But time was winding down towards dinner time so we got back to the ferry (missed the first one), and got the big majestic steam ferry(?) back. Half way to port it dawned on me that my bus home was in 45 minutes so as soon as we docked I hauled it back to the bus terminal.

Assuming all went well the plan was for Oz, Whimzy, her bf and sodalicious to meet up an eat at the "Fox and Fiddle". I haven't heard from anyone about Sunday, but I'm sure it went alright. All in all, pretty good meet, and we hope to see you all at another one soon!

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are moving the meet time from 10:30 am to 11:30 am; I hope this reaches everyone in time and I'm sorry this couldn't be put up sooner! Thank you.


WHEN: August 9th at 11:30 am (We'll depart on the 12:00 pm ferry)

WHERE: Jack Layton Ferry Terminal (at the sign; see image above)

You’ll find the ferries at the foot of Bay Street at Queen's Quay West, just west of the Westin Harbour Castle hotel. Enter the Ferry Terminal via the walkway between the Westin Harbour Castle hotel and the Harbour Castle condominiums.

:emailsend: RSVP here!

Join us for our annual "best summer meet ever" at Toronto's Centre Island for some awesome summertime fun! Activities will include meet n' greet, playing frisbee, waterfront walk, petting zoo, the new hedge maze, geek culture chit-chat, going out for lunch and/or whatever else we feel like! :D

Ferry prices (round trip):
- Adults (19+) $7
- Students (15-19) & Seniors (65+) $4.50
- Children (2-14) $3.50
- Infants (under 2) free

There are many food options on the Island, but feel free to bring a lunch with you if you prefer. As well, be sure to bring water, snacks, and sunscreen. For those staying for dinner, we can either eat on the Island or return to the mainland, depending on what people want to do.

We hope to see you there; it's gonna be so awesome I can't even stop talking about it!! :icontuzkistarsplz:
Distillery DistrictDistillery DistrictDistillery District

When: Sunday, July 12, 2015 @ 2:00 pm
What: Distillery District and Panamania PanAm Games Festivities
Where: Distillery District (Directions)

:emailsend: RSVP here!

Join your fellow Toronto Deviants this month to explore our city's historic Distillery District, which is also hosting Panamania, a month-long series of Pan Am games festivities. Bring your cameras, sketchbooks, or just your passions and meet other like-minded deviants from in and around Toronto. Dinner (location TBD) will follow.

  • 2:00pm - Meet at main gates
  • 6:00pm - Dinner (location TBD)

Directions by TTC:
  • From King or St. Andrew stations, take the eastbound 504 King streetcar to Parliament Street and proceed two blocks south to the Parliament entrance into the Distillery District.
  • From King Station, take the 172 Cherry bus and get off at one of three TTC stops on Mill Street to enter the Distillery District. (This route is often misdirected, due to construction.  Ask the driver if the bus will be turning on Mill Street.)
  • From Castle Frank Station, take the 65 Parliament bus south to one block south of Front Street and enter at the Parliament entrance.

See you there!
And what a beautiful day it was! The weather in Toronto had been pretty unsatisfying lately, but Sunday was truly beautiful and warm. Pasiphilo, WildPencil, anazei, May-Guess and I (justMANGO) met up at the Woodbine Beach Park for some delicious ribs, of which there were plenty. We arrived rather early and skipped the crowd, which was great. Yours truly made the stupid decision of getting a pulled pork poutine instead, and by 5pm I was seriously regretting not packing a rack home for dinner like anazei did. We went across to the beach for some sunshine and tanning in the afternoon, and chatted about Star Wars and Game of Thrones and sunscreen that looked like tribal face paint. Those conversations were definitely hilarious. Having had enough sun and sand we headed back to the Rib Fest for... (drum rolls please) ... PICKLES ON STICKS! Well, only Anazie and I braved the whole New York Sour pickle challenge, but chocolate ice cream and mango coconut cream popsicles were equally as good (if not better, some would say). We browsed the arts and merch stalls behind the Rib Fest, and found a talented lady who painted a lovely guitar (too bad for lack of pictures), and a surprising number of working vintage typewriters. We parted our ways thereafter (and found the infamous TTC partially dysfunctional again), but we definitely had plenty of fun! Rib Fest? Yup, I would definite return next year.

Here's a mini-collage to document our trip, courtesy of WildPencil.

Beach BBQ & Brews Festival

What: Beach BBQ & Brews Festival
When: Sunday, June 21 @ 11:30 am
Where: Woodbine Park (directions)

:emailsend: RSVP here!

There could hardly be a better way to welcome summer to Toronto than by celebrating with live music and BBQ in the "The Beaches," so join your fellow Deviants this month at the Beach BBQ & Brews Festival - a music festival and rib-fest combined - at Woodbine Park. The festival is open to all ages.


Make sure to bring:
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Cash (for food )
  • Your appetite
  • An umbrella (it's a rain-or-shine event)

After you've RSVP'd, feel free to request a mobile number from one of the toronto organizers to help you find us if you get lost or arrive late.

Hope to see you then!
Hello everyone,

Another Devmeet has come and gone so it's time for a bit of a review! It seems like as things gradually press on we get one or two new people come to the meets or at the very least long time members who have made swift returns. That being said, our newest person since I've been here was anazei who came for the meet and it was nice to meet him; he was a pretty cool dude. And along with him was myself, our other leading members Pasiphilo and justMANGO, as well as WildPencil (our unofficial photographer) and astralojia. Another member (ronbennett) was saying he'd come but he either didn't come or came to late; sorry that we missed you.

So the weather was nice and our trek from Younge station to the Brickworks was very good as it usually is. When we got there it was around lunch time; some of us packed our own and everyone else checked out the Brickworks farmer's market for theirs. I'm told they have awesome food, especially their french fries. Also, anazei brought some mini elk sausages for the occasion and they were delicious. And while we were eating, smallproblem showed up to join the meet with us. I'm not sure if she ate lunch as well, I had gone for a pitstop at the time she arrived.

Now normally we would head to the art gallery they have going on where the brick kilns are; but it's generally pretty boring and so we skipped it. On to the hike! We did our usual first stop which is the mini hill; and being the adventurers we are we walked half the default route and half our own! And at the top we had our group photo as seen below.

We look like we're having a good time right? Except it seems like something is missing from this photo. You know what it is? It's you! I know that a lot of you are active in this group even if you don't comment much and we would love to have you come sometime. :)

Now back to the meet at hand! So after our group photo we took our usual trip to the cliffs side of the Brickworks. It's not that you're not allowed to go on the dirt paths, it's just not part of the main path; and a few people do like to hike it like we do. So we took the paths which suited the level of difficulty we wanted to take on (no shame in taking an easier path) and off we went! We all made it back safely to the ground level so don't worry and then we took a bit of a break and some of us played Frisbee for a bit. Then to wrap things up we headed back to the main area but not before checking out the ponds where we found a ton of little turtles and even a few big bright orange fish!

At this point it was bit too early for dinner but there really wasn't much else to do at the Brickworks. Unfortunately astralojia had to leave early as he was feeling a bit under the weather. I'm pretty sure it was either too much sun or the heat; he was wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants on a hot spring day after all; it happens. So after we took the shuttle back we said our goodbyes and then began to head down the Danforth in search of where to go for dinner. We found a place called the "Pantheon" but it was still too early so we hung out at a nearby Tim Hortons to have some ice caps and talk. And that's when "DeviantArt" began turning into "DeviantDebaters" lol. There was a bit of back and forth earlier on in the meet, but it started getting more "passionate" as we were there. Don't worry, we weren't arguing or anything; everyone was still in good spirits.

And then finally dinner time was here! Debates still in full swing; probably it all peaked during dinner. I'm not sure how we even got to what topic we were at, topics just got increasingly more intense I guess? None the less, dinner was delicious and anazei treated everyone to some "Saganaki" which is pan fried and then flambeed cheese; crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. I couldn't have any cause I'm lactose intolerant but it looked pretty awesome. Dinner was short and near the end justMANGO's boyfriend Ian showed up so that was nice for a bit. Too bad he couldn't get too many words in what with all the passionate talking but what he could say was pretty good from what I remembered.

Then I had to leave, everyone walked me to Chester station and that's where the meet ended for me. Not really sure what people did after that; maybe they kept on for a bit or maybe they gradually split off as we normally do after dinners. So overall it was definitely an interesting meet it's safe to say. We'll post the next meet as soon as we figure out what to do and as far as I know, no Anime North meet. Well I'm not doing it, not sure if someone else will decide to take it on or not. But yeah, it was fun; thanks to those who came and hope to see more of you next time! :thumbsup:

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